Our Story

     Ken the Zen is a song writer/musician who was born and raised in London, Canada. Whether it is playing shows, writing songs, or recording music. Ken likes to keep busy doing that in which is currently holding his heart.

      Presently, Ken is getting set to hit the studio to record his next Ep. The as of yet untitled new music project is due out in the Spring of 2020.

     Ken has two previous releases. His online only EP (2016's  "+2") as well as (2015's “4 Ewe”). Ken's music can take you on a journey through the ups and downs of being human. Songs about finding love, losing love, finding yourself and also losing yourself.

     Ken has had the fortune as a song writer to not only pen his own Ken the Zen material but to also co-write on both of Sarah Smith' s two most recent original long play releases ( 2017's "11" and 2020's "Unveiled") as well as a few of Sarah's individual single releases. Ken has also co-written music for London's Ontario's The Joys, Carly Thomas and was the chief songwriter in the rock band Tommyrot 1999-2007.

     Ken is an accomplished studio musician and can be found playing bass guitar on a myriad of artists Cd’s. When Ken is not out sharing his soft and fragile voice along with his dry wit vocabulary at shows across the nation. Ken can also be found keeping busy playing bass guitar in Sarah Smith's touring bands. (Ken and Sarah have a long history together. They were both band members in Canada's “band of the people” The Joys). Ken has also been seen playing with a plethora of other artists such as The 3, Carly Thomas, Moondog Uproar, Bender and the Ken the Zen and Johnny Strange  "All Request" show to name a few. Ken is known in London's local music scene as a "hired gun".

     Ken has had the honour of winning multiple London and Toronto music awards including Best Multi-Instrumentalist in 2016 and has also received a certified gold single in Canada while performing in his former band The Joys.

     With over ten Cd’s of original music in his discography, over 40,000 units sold and after playing more than 3000 live shows. Ken the Zen is doing the only thing he knows. Be himself.


     Be sure to check Ken the Zen and tell your friends!